Projekty – Temporary Collective


Body, building, land. All with a history. All with their own rhythm. All with their own effect on each other. PONEC is a theatre in Prague standing on bedrock shaped by the Vltava River 20 000 years ago. A river that is now 1 kilometre away.

Call Alice

Two women, both dancers, both the same age, are said to have a remarkable physical resemblance. At first, they have no idea about each other, maybe they just heard that everyone has a double somewhere. Is it possible to find answers through another person? What makes us identify and connect with others and ourselves?


During the pandemic and creative meetings conducted remotely, choreographers Tereza Ondrová and Silvia Gribaudi asked various questions: What would life look like if we saw it from an insect’s perspective? Can another living creature inspire us so much that we change our own lives? How can we alter the anthropocentric view of the world? Similar questions were already explored by Sara Michieletto and Elisabetta Zavoli, whose concept formed the basis of this Insectum in Prague project.


SILENT is an audio performance for a group of audience members in public space that consists of movement/workout instructions for body and thought over the course of 35 minutes. The audio is started by one voice and continued by the next to create a series of voices that together develop one landscape of thought and movement.


As the name itself suggests, the performance will consist of duets, i.e. two bodies, two people as a minimum for the establishment of a community. In an age of individualism and loneliness, the creators decided to explore ways to meet, to communicate without words.

Same Same

Leading Czech creative dancer Tereza Ondrová and theatre director Petra Tejnorová explore the boundaries of subtle humour, irony and absurdity under the directorial-choreographic leadership of Karine Ponties. Inspired by Buster Keaton, despite all the lightness of the form they can move us with their depth and sincerity.

MOVE – open rehearsal

We will be very happy – if you accept an invitation to an open rehearsal – because *we can’t move without you*!  This project ” MOVE”  was born from a conversation about sustainability in dance and theatre, between the director Petra Tejnorová, dancer Tereza Ondrová and the members of Temporary Collective. Over the past year, we have […]

In be-tween – a video essay

The video essay entitled IN BE-TWEEN presents creative work, as well as the process of rehearsing a dance project of the same name.


Voices is a virtual voice-mail where you can leave and share questions, thoughts, frustrations, and emotions. Things that the body cannot hold any longer and needs to release and share, in order to finish them, get rid of them or develop them.

Happening DUETS

National Gallery in Prague will be transformed into a space for a happening version of a performance which premiered in December 2019 at the PONEC Theatre. Come for a meeting with performers Viktor Černický and Tereza Ondrová, with whom you will be able to create a completely unique duet. These are not demanding physical performances, but rather a few minutes or seconds shared and experienced together. They look forward to create this duet with you.

Between the Lines, or The Media Don’t Always Tell the Truth

An educational programme for teenagers combining the show Putin’s Agents with interactive workshops run by artists, journalists, and education experts. Between the Lines opens during the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 seasons in Prague and Ústí nad Labem.

Let’s Dance!

A brief manual for anxious audiences. A few lessons on endangered species. A physical documentary about contemporary dance.

Putin’s Agents

Putin’s Agents is a live-cinema production. We thought that after the fall of the Iron Curtain and joining NATO, we were no longer in danger. However, the Russian secret services never withdrew their agents from the Czech Republic. On the contrary, their ranks have strengthened significantly.

Hello? Is anyone out there?

What does science fiction and dance have in common? Who is Franta, Luka, Adéla, Lenka a Helenka? What the traces of life on planet Earth looked like before the epidemic COVID 19?