Tickets – Temporary Collective


Temporary Collective is an independent theatre and dance platform. Temporary Collective are dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová, director Petra Tejnorová and their friends. Temporary Collective is a duo, a team of collaborators, and a happening on stage. It is fluid, always in motion and in process, because Temporary doesn’t necessarily stick to fixed points. They like to re-discover and create a new relationship with the unknown. Temporary Collective’s acts include GEO, INSECTUM, CALL ALICE, DUETY and SAME SAME.

8.4. | GEO | Czech Dance Platform

PONEC is a Prague theatre standing on the bedrock formed by the Vltava River 20,000 years ago. Tereza Ondrová has been dancing on this bedrock in PONEC for 25 years. Her first solo here was to the symphonic poem Vltava. And now she is exploring all these layers through dance and geophone.

14.5. | Duets | derniére

The performance will consist of duets, i.e. two bodies, and two people as a minimum for the establishment of a community. In an age of individualism and loneliness, the creators decided to explore ways to meet, to communicate without words.

18.5. | double bill | Call Alice + Hélio

DOUBLE BILL brings two outstanding choreographic personalities of contemporary dance: Brazilian dancer Renan Martins and Czech dancer Tereza Ondrová. The double bill, or composed evening, presents the works of two artists selected in the past for the prestigious Aerowaves network. It’s about two solos that work with the body as an archive, it’s about docu-dance, it’s about two expressive dance intimate statements. For the first time in the Palác Akropolis