Let’s Dance! – Temporary Collective

Let’s Dance!

A brief manual for anxious audiences.
A few lessons on endangered species.
A physical documentary about contemporary dance.

Can an abstract art such as dance be explained? And can it be explained by dance? Petra Tejnorová, a director who consistently transcends genres and always searches for the best medium to capture her theme, has joined the VerTeDance ensemble and created a brief manual for anxious audiences. Or in other words: an attempt to provide those who worry about dance with instructions to overcome their fear.

The irony with which Petra Tejnorová (as well as VerTeDance) likes to work can also be detected in another explanatory sentence of the summary: “Several lessons about an endangered species. It will be a documentary, a personal confession, but primarily a game with the audience – both the anxious and the initiated. The Let‘s Dance! project was created by Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Andrea Opavská, Martin Talaga, Helena Araújo and Halka Třešňáková. 

photo: Vojtěch Brtnický


30. October 2017


PONEC - dance venue

Creators and collaborators

Created and performed by
Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Andrea Opavská, Helena Araújo, Halka Třešňáková, Martin Talaga

Petra Tejnorová

Marta Ljubková

Adriana Černá

Lighting design
Katarína Ďuricová

Sound design
Dominik Žižka

Preparatory workshops
Jaro Viňarský, Matthew Rogers, Peter Šavel

VerTeDance, danceWATCH / Karolína Hejnová

With the support of
MHMP, MKČR, METROSTAV, Tanec Praha / PONEC – dance venue, ALT@RT z.ú.

80 min