Hello? Is anyone out there? – Temporary Collective

Hello? Is anyone out there?

What does science fiction and dance have in common? Who is Franta, Luka, Adéla, Lenka a Helenka? What the traces of life on planet Earth looked like before the epidemic COVID 19?

We open the archives of the group TEMPORARY COLLECTIVE and for a few days we are launching a short documentary from 2017 – in which the authors of the second stage of primary schools participated. This unconventional short film is intended not only for children but also for adults who like sci-fi, dance and other adventures. The farthest human probes reach beyond the solar system, the first message was called PIONNEER 10 and was sent in 1971, these messages carry messages to potential alien finders. Is there another civilization in the infinite cosmos?


1. June 2017


The International Festival TANEC PRAHA

Creators and collaborators

Creators: The documentary was created by elementary school pupils in the first and second grade in cooperation with dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová, director Petra Tejnorová, cameramen Marek Bartoš and Dominik Žižka and producer Lucie Račková.

Producer: TANEC PRAHA festival

Production: Andrea Bártová-Švandová

Partners: Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s., Elementary school Dobřichovice, Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences